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JPR Core Values:


Profit & Planet 

The company exists to improve the world we live in by completing environmental projects that enhance our landscapes in the most sensitive and least damaging method, present technology allows. Profit is vital, it allows us to invest, meet our commitments to the team and carry on with our mission. 



We are growing. We want to improve the planet by being able to do bigger and more impactful projects for more clients and the team needs to have enough human, financial and equipment resources to do this.


Efficient and Hard-Working 

Working as part of the team, to the best of our ability, means we can do more good for more clients and make more profit for the team, it’s a virtuous cycle that benefits everyone.


We Not I

We are a team, all working on the same side, pulling in the same direction for the best results for our clients and the planet. All of us are equal in our goal.


Environmentally Net Positive 

All the work we carry out must aim to have a net positive effect on the planet. This includes both our use of resources and the environments we enhance.

A little about us

JPR Environmental Contractors specialise in wetlands and habitats, covering wetland creation, erosion control, landscape enhancements and water treatment. Since 2000 we have worked on projects large and small with a clear eye on the environment, supporting wildlife and the habitat landscape through our dedicated team.

We have been trusted by clients including The National Trust, Environment Agency, National and Local Government, Wildlife Trusts and commercial interests to create long lasting sites to support the environment for years to come and see flora and fauna flourish.

New Roles with JPR Careers

We are always adding new roles, but take a look at below at our current featured positions or browse the complete listof vacancies. Discover the full job roles and details, and apply straight from the site.


Tender Writing Support

Join our team as an office manager and enjoy many company benefits.

JPR Site Supervisor

Site Supervisor

Join our ever growing team as a site supervisor.

JPR Site Manager

Site Manager

Help us grow and flourish as you join our team as a site manager.

Tender Writing Support

Site Supervisor

Site Manager

JPR have been lucky enough to work with a number of great clients...

Since 2000 we have built long lasting relationships and partnerships with not only our clients directly, but also working closely with ecologists, planners and Government agencies. Today our clients include many Wildlife Trusts throughout the UK, Town and County Councils, Government Agencies, National Trust, Land Agents and Surveyors.

Why choose JPR?

Our clients choose us for our experience and reputation. The focus of the company is on the environment and balancing the need to construct everything from new river and stream courses to large lakes and reservoirs we have the capability to deliver on the environmental and commercial needs of each project. We have a dedicated team working on projects across England and Wales, we work in partnership with ecologists and understand the exact needs for each project. 

All of our team are fully trained and skilled in all aspects of contracting, but are focused on supporting the environment and are able to recognise and work accordingly on ensuring that all regulations are observed and that the is as little impact on the local habitats as possible. Common feedback from clients is based on our knowledge, integrity and transparency.

As a company we have all the certification you would expect form a company of our size and reputation including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, CHAS and we are proud members of the Constructed Wetland Association and supporters of CIEEM.

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